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E-Liner SLED

World’s first purely electrically driven multifunctional test bench. E-Liner SLED



***** New version of E-Liner SLED, E-Liner WIZARD will be coming!!!! ****


All models have the following characteristics in common: Unrivalled precision and repeatability and the strict adherence to the target pulse. By using linear motors the test bench is ready to be used within minutes - without preliminary tests!

E-Liner SLED is laid out for vehicle component tests and can be used for various acceleration- and deceleration tests and material validations. Application examples:

  • Whiplash tests
  • Seat tests acc. to ECE-R17 for example tests with holders for tablet PCs
  • Tests with center consoles and their components, for example push-push-latches
  • Knee-impactor tests
  • Material and validation testing for simulation
  • Drop tower replacement tests
  • Low-acceleration testing  (from 0.1 g)
  • Quasistatic material validations
  • and so on

Application Possibilities

  • Acceleration- as well as deceleration tests​
  • ​Acceleration tests acc. to FMVSS 201 (doors and flaps in the vehicle interior)
  • ​Validation tests for the simulation of side impacts
  • ​Drop tower replacement tests
  • ​Bodyblock tests
  • ​Knee impact tests and other intrusion tests
  • Whiplash tests​
  • Child seat tests
  • Linear airbag load tests​

Technical Data of maximum model


Electrical power

Shear force

from 40 kN up to currently max. 265 kN

Speed range

0,1 up to 83 km/h


0,1 up to 600 kg

Traverse path

2.000 – 7.000 mm – variable acc. to the customers‘ requirements


0,1 g up to 50 g, depending on payload


+/- 0,1 km/h

Positioning accuracy

+/- 0,01 mm


steel mounting plate or industrial floor