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FronTone INTRU

Purely electrically driven, multifunctional test system for tensile and pressure tests up to max. 300 kN


FronTone INTRU is can be used - among others - for the following tests:

  • Door intrusion tests acc. to FMVSS 214
  • Tow ring tests
  • Trailer coupling test
  • Luggage net tensile tests
  • Crash replacement tests
  • Material validation tests
  • and many more.

FronTone offers different INTRU models with various traverse paths. The core part of the test system, the pressure-/tensile unit, can be adapted acc. to the customers' specific requirements.

In comparison to other tests systems, Frontone INTRU convinces through its unbeatable precision. Due to the electrical drive, the system is independent from environmental influences such as temperature or air humidity and is characterised through its highest repeatability and reproducibility.

Technical Data of maximum model


Electrical power

Shear force

from 40 kN up to currently max. 265 kN

Speed range

0,1 up to 83 km/h


0,1 up to 600 kg

Traverse path

2.000 – 7.000 mm – variable acc. to the customers‘ requirements


0,1 g up to 50 g, depending on payload


+/- 0,1 km/h

Positioning accuracy

+/- 0,01 mm


steel mounting plate or industrial floor