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E-Liner DROP I

E-Liner DROP I is an electrically driven drop tower for the performance of various vehicle component tests resp. material tests. 



Its total height of just 4,80 meters enables the use in every standard hall. Despite its compact dimensions a velocity of 50 km/h can be reached.

E-Liner DROP I is extremely versatile: Exchangeable impactors enable various falling masses with different stiffnesses. Furthermore the impactors can be equipped with additional masses.

E-Liner DROP I



Power connection

400 V / 32 A

Compressed air connection

min. 6 bar

Dimensions (L/D/H)

3.314 / 1.304 / 4.800 mm

adaptable acc. to the customers‘ requirements

Inner width

1.000 mm

Minimal falling mass

15 kg

Maximal falling mass

100 kg


changeable in steps of 5 kg

Lift of the impactor wagon

by chain hoist

Controlled speed

up to 15 m/s

Speed accuracy

+/- 0,1 km/h


Siemens S7