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E-Liner Universal M

The positioning of test system unit E-Liner Universal M



The test system E-Liner Universal M can be equipped with different systems for the following test types:

  • Pedestrian protection lower and upper legform tests, Flex PLI GTR tests
  • Ejection Mitigation tests
  • Bodyblock tests

In Comparison to the E-Liner Universal F, the E-Liner Universal M is a mobile test rig. It can be displaced very comfortably due to a set of air cushion pads, furthermore it is equiped with an electromechanical pulling aid.

Our universal test system is a robust positioning unit. The positioningaccuracy of all traverse paths, rotating and turn directions is +/- 0,1 mm.

out as modules which can be inserted into the positioning unit according to requirements. It takes only 20 minutes to change the modules because they are fixed to the positioning unit with only 8 screws.

The E-Liner PED LEG acceleration unit can be equipped with a bodyblock impactor mounting unit.

The positioning unit and the system control can both be completed later on.

The system control includes features such as storage of 10 target points, automatical detection of the stored target points and the automated returning of the positioning unit before test start after target detection.

Positioning Unit


Electrically driven, 400 V, 63 A

Compressed air connection (for airpads)

min. 6 bar


Electrically driven trapezoidal and recirculating ball spindles

Dimensions (W/H/D) (can be adjusted acc. to customer’s specifications)

appr. 4400/3500/4000 mm

Traverse paths (x/y/z – vehicle coordinate system)

appr. 1500/1800/1500 mm

Vertical angle

+6° to -50°

Positioning accuracy

< 1mm

Operating temperature

0° to +60° C

E-Liner PED LEG Module

E-Liner PED LEG Module

Launcher for the performance of pedestrian protection and sensor tests.

Additional Options for the PED LEG Module


Implementation of a Bodyblock mounting unit.

Guided Headform

Adaptation for the ECE-R12 guided impactor.


Adaptation for crash tests with the pendulum, acc. ECE-R21

Ejection Mitigation Module

E-Liner EMIT Module

Module for the performance of Ejection Mitigation tests.

System Control

Hard- and Software


Operating interface

Clearly layouted, simple to use