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E-Liner Universal S

Compact positioning unit of test system E-Liner UNIVERSAL S


The portal E-Liner UNIVERSAL S is laid out especially for the implementation of the E-Liner PED LEG module and is used for the following tests:

  • Pedestrian protection sensor tests with all fire- and nofire impactors
  • Tests with the WG 17 lower legform impactor
  • Tests with the Flex PLI GTR impactor

It is also possible to upgrade the E-Liner PED LEG module with an impactor mounting unit for the bodyblock acc. to ECE-R12, with the guided headform acc. to ECE-R12 and with the pendulum impactor acc. to ECE-R21.

The portal is equipped with a measurement system in x, y and z, which has an accuracy of 0,1 mm. The data of this system is shown on a display directly on the portal. 

The E-Liner UNIVERSAL S is a space and cost saving alternative to the multifunctional positioning rigs E-Liner UNIVERSAL F and E-Liner UNIVERSAL M.



Dimensions incl. launcher (W/L/H)

appr. 3.056 / 4.017 / 1.842 mm


appr. 1.500 kg

Traverse paths (x/y/z)

appr. 1.000 / 1.600 / 400 mm

Measurement system in x, y, and z

accuracy 0,1 mm, Display directly on the portal


electrically in x- and z-direction manually in y-direction


screw connection to the floor or mounting plate

E-Liner PED LEG module


Electrically driven, 400 V, 63 A

Dimensions (W/L/H)

940 / 2.910 / 940 mm


appr. 720 kg

Speed range

1 – 55 km/h

Speed accuracy

+/- 0,1 km/h

Repeatability of the launching speed

+/- 0,1 km/h

Targeting precision

Within a radius of 5 mm

Max. impactor mass at 42 km/h

35,0 kg at +5° vertical

Swiveling range around y

+10° to -10°