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Electrically driven Pedestrian Protection Test System E-Liner PED LEG



Electrically driven Pedestrian Protection Test System E-Liner PED LEG


The E-Liner PED LEG launching unit belongs to the first mobile and purely electrically driven test systems world wide with controlled speed.

The E-Liner PED LEG module is a multi functional test system:

· Designed for test speeds up to 55 km/h

· For lower legform, upper legform, and FLEX PLI GTR tests

· For pedestrian protection sensor tests with fire and no fire impactors

· For black tuffy tests acc. to ECE-R12

Due to the continuously adjustable test speed from 0,1 up to max. 55 km/h and due to our high precision pre and post trigger, the launcher is ideally suited for pedestrian protection sensor tests. The accuracy of the high precision trigger is +/- 1 ms.

The electric drive is also ideally suited for the performance of FLEX PLI GTR tests, because it generates acceleration without jerk (max. 10 g at 11,1 m/s).

The PED LEG module can also be upgraded for tests with the bodyblock, the guided headform and the pendulum impactor. For more information click on PED LEG Upgrades.


Technical Specifications of E-Liner PED LEG Module


Solely electrically driven, 400 V, 63 A


1 – 42 km/h (optionally 55 km/h)

Speed accuracy

+/- 0,1 km/h


+/- 0,1 km/h

Targeting precision

Within a radius of 5 mm

Max. impactor mass at 42 km/h

35,0 kg at +5° vertical

Vertical angle

+7 ° to -50°

Dimensions (L/H/W)

2910/940/940 mm


appr. 720 kg

Additional Options for the PED LEG Module


Implementation of a Bodyblock mounting unit.

Guided Headform

Adaptation for the ECE-R12 guided impactor.


Adaptation for crash tests with the pendulum, acc. ECE-R21

Ejection Mitigation Module

E-Liner EMIT Module

The modules E-Liner EMIT and PED LEG can be exchanged

Positioning Unit Universal M / S / F


Electrically driven, 400 V, 32 A

Dimensions with Launcher (W/H/D) (adjustable on demand)

appr. 4400/3500/4000 mm

Traverse paths (x/y/z – vehicle coordinate system)

appr. 1500/1800/1500 mm (Height optional)

System Control

Hard- and Software


Operating Interface

Clearly layouted, simple to use