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US Pulser

USPR 100 - US Pulser

​Model USPS-100 is an innovative instrument that marks a new era in ultrasonic NDT analysis. Ideally suited for
almost every ultrasonic application, the instrument is designed to give the highest performance combining
excellence hardware characteristics with flexible software tools. USPS-100 is fully compatible with any type of
element transducer.

The main charateristics of the USPR 100 are:
- Fully Digital Instrument
- High Performance Ultrasound Pulser and A/D Converter in a single Device
- Up to 1000 V Pulser (spike/ square)
- 100 MSs / 16 bit Digital to Analog Converter
- Suitable for any ultrasound ap- plication: Thickness Gauge, Flaw Detection, C-Scan, etc.
- Data processing fully integrated into Flexible Software Tools.
- Ideal for laboratory use and for industrial 100% in-line production quality inspection.
- Standard USB 2.0 connection
- 19’’ rack kit available​



Location and size detection of hidden cracks,voids, disbondings

Measurements of internally corroded pipes

Detection of discontinuities in welds, forgings,composites, billets, axles, shafts, tanks

Measurement of elastic properties of materials

Thickness Measurement


A-Scan analysis upgradable to a full C-Scan instrument

Non-Destructive Testing alternative to standard tensile strength test (destructive)

Material analysis

Measurements Analysis and defect detection by the same instrument



Pulse Type (main bang)  Negative
Rise Time (10 to 90%, no load)  10 ns
Pulse Amplitude (no load)  20..500V, step 20V (Option: 100..1000V, step 100V)
Pulse Shape  Spike and Square (selectable)
Pulse width (square shape)  100 ns..50 μs, step 25 ns
Pulse Train  Burst of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 pulses
(Option: Burst of 1..1000 pulses, as pulser only)
Pulse separation  100 ns..250 μs (step 25 ns)
Transducer Frequency Range 0,05-35 MHz
Tx/Rx Mode  Pulse-Echo (1 transducer), Dual and Through Transmission (2 transducers)
Maximum PRF (Pulse Repetition Rate)  Up to 1KHz ( 500 Hz with 2nd channel option)
Sampling Frequency (MHz)  100, 50, 25, 12,5
Data Points  256 .. 1024, step 256
Bandwidth  Dc to 35 MHz (-3dB)
Dynamic Range  > 110 dB
A/D Resolution  16 bits
High Pass Filter/Low Pass Filter  Digital
Averaging  1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 acquired data streams
Interface and communication  USB 2.0
Software  DLL & Labview Libraries
Thickness Gauge  SW Tool for single and multilayer thickness measurement
Flaw Detector  SW Tool for defect identification and measurement. Unlimited Gates
C-Scan  Flaw Detection SW Tool with X-Y encoder management
Material Analysis  SW Tool for Young Modulus and Poisson’ s Ratio measurement
Additional UT channel full 2 channels instrument
Encoder inputs  2 inputs for differential incremental encoders (5 V TTL)
Digital Output  8 user controlled digital outputs
Multiplexer  Up to 16-Channel multiplexer
External Trigger Input & Output  External hardware synchronization
High Voltage Pulser  1000V pulse