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Brake Pads Scanner

The Industrial Brake Pads Scanner is an industrial solution designed to provide the 3D dimensional control of brake pads.
The heart of the machine is Laser Scanner technology that works on the principle of triangulation.

Solutions offer a complete range of tools for advanced image analysis for surface control and dimensions measurement.


Surface defects (scratches, cracks,pores, inclusions, etc)

Friction material flatness

Shoulders distance

Parallelism between backplate and friction surface

Chamfers angles (between P0 with P1 and P2)

Grooves size and position

Dimensions: length, width, thickness​





● Pad size MAX: l 250; w 80; h 40 mm

● Conveyor speed: 1 mt/min

● Measuring Speed: up to 2000 profiles/sec

● X resolution: according to conveyor speed

● Y resolution: 0,023 mm

● Z resolution: 0,002 mm