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Ultra Sound Immersion Tank

The Ultrassound Immersion Tank

Ultrasonic scanning system, offers customers an “off the shelf” solution that combines an immersion tank with a large scan capacity, high performance ultrasonics and superior data acquisition software.


The main charateristics of the MMS are:
- Full Motion Control on X, Y and Z axis
- A-SCAN, B-SCAN, C-SCAN test type
- High quality inspection
- Automatic Test Reports
- Cusatomized solutions
- Suitable for any ultrasonic equipment



Control of welded joints

Thickness measurement

Thickness measurement in multilayered plastics Characterization of concrete during hardening

Characterization of concrete during hardening phase

Tool guidance in deep drilling

​External and internal cylindricity measuring


Interesting alternative to the use of X-rays

Safe (no danger arising from ionizing radia-tion)

Significantly lower cost

Applicable to automated test solutions